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DEATH BED ‘87 … A Love Story

That execution was too precise

Some may even think premeditated.

The colours of love I painted on her

were all but peeled and whethered

like it had never been there before 

like it was fabricated. 

Lead me astray…. ignorant mind

she shot me in ‘87

Show me the way … ignorant mind

she shot the flick in my death bed.

I miss the idea of us

but not her… she changed.

The love we made was filled of love

I’d like to think so.


There I go thinking again.

You were the catalyst to my happiness

In that sense I used you

I filled a whole you burrowed yourself

In that sense you had a motive.

She shot me in 87

In that sense you had my heart

She prayed next to my death bed.

I need no one after you.

I tell myself that every time you smile at him.

The way you smiled at me.

I think….

The piece you thought fit was ajar in your heart jigsaw

your one of many holes

…you hoe

I died in ‘87

…you hoe

I lived in my death bed.

now I know I never truly knew you 

till now.

You probably write about me too?

that statement is as rhetorical and more likely as you 

are to find this read.

I’m so selfish


you will return…

in my mind your still mine…

lead me astray ignorant mind

She shot me in ‘87

show me the way ignorant mind

She shot the flick in my death bed

show me my fate ignorant mind